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Listen to samples

From each song, a 60 sec sample is available to listen to before purchasing. To listen to samples, click on  button to use the built-in flash player. The samples are MP3 files (48 kbps).


You can download all the tracks from in MP3 (192 kbps, 44 Khz, stereo) and most of them in FLAC format (lossless compression, 44,1 Khz, stereo), too. If you purchase a song, you can decide in which format you would like to download  the songs. If you prefer, you can download the tracks in both formats without any extra fee.


All songs available from are digitally watermarked by AudioMark. We use this digital watermark solely for the purposes of identifying songs sold on and to be able to find unauthorized copies if appearing on other sites. Otherwise, the digital watermark remains imperceptible and it does not corrupt the quality of the songs.


Digital Rights Management

Apart from digital watermarking by AudioMark, we do not use any digital rights management system.


Certain parts and services of are accessible to Visitor only after registration. If you are a registered user, ensures extra services for you. For example you will have 72 hours to download the songs after payment, instead of 24 hours, in case of instant payment. Furthermore, if you log in, will keep your songs in your basket if you would like to finalize your purchase later.

How to buy?

You can put any song or the entire album into the cart by simple click on the  button. You can empty your cart anytime you would like to by click on the  button. If you compiled your cart, click on the Checkout  button at the bottom of the cart. Now you can pay with credit card, via your mobile (only from the system of T-Mobile Hungary and Telenor), or with promotion codes, released by our partners. Both case you can choose the checkout process without registration, this is the so-called ‘instant payment’. If you choose the instant payment process, we need only your e-mail address to send your user name and password to you. We always charge in HUF for the songs on the daily rate supplied by, the world’s favorite currency site, therefore the exact sum you pay in EUR may differ slightly (±2%) from the total amount we indicate on in EUR.


Paying by credit card accepts the following cards: Maestro, Mastercard, Visa and Visa Electron.

When you choose our credit card paying method you will be directed to the site of OTP Bank, the largest commercial bank in Hungary. We kindly ask you to check all the information from OTP Bank and enter your credit card numbers only if every data are correct. You can safely enter your entire credit card number via the secure servers of OTP Bank, which encrypts all submitted information.

You can break your purchase at any time, and if you do break it we will store your cart and you can revise it.

After the purchase will inform whether the process was successful or not by e-mail.

Paying via mobile payment (SMS)

You can also purchase via mobile payment, however, we currently can accept only T-Mobile Hungary (+36-30…) and Telenor (+36-20….) subscription, if your bill is exceed 500 HUF (around 2 EUR). If you have a T-Mobile Hungary or a Telenor subscription, please provide your mobile number during the registration, or in case of instant payment, during the checkout process.. When you buy an album via mobile payment we send you an SMS and kindly ask you to check all the data in the SMS. If the data are OK, we kindly ask you to answer the SMS within three minutes. You answer should contain any characters, e.g. OK or Yes. If we don’t receive any message from you we will presume that you cancelled the process. If we receive your answer we will inform you the result in another SMS.


If you purchased the songs after registration and login, you can download all songs and albums from the “download” menu of within 72 hours after your payment and 24 hours after your first try to download any particular song. However, if you chose the instant payment, you can download all songs and albums from the “download” menu of within 24 hours. If the download period is over we will empty your download page.

If the purchased tracks are available in MP3 and in FLAC formats, too, you can download both without any extra fee.

If you use Windows Media Player or its prior versions, before you download the songs, please disable the Media Bar, or use the “save as” option.

We kindly ask you to turn off your download manager before you download the songs from

Play the songs

You can play all the songs downoaded in MP3 with any MP3 compatible media player. We suggest using Windows Media Player 11 or its updates versions, or with Winamp.

You can play tracks in FLAC format with Winamp or VLC player. If you would like to play the songs in Windows Media Player, you have to download a filter.





Files apply the following kind of files for it’s audio or audiovisual content:

Audio samples: the audio samples are MP3 formats. If you would like to listen to the samples you need only a standard Flash player. You can reach our MP3 samples by clicking the   button.

Songs for download: all songs are in MP3 format, 192 kbps, 44 Khz, stereo.  We suggest using Windows Media Player 11 or its updates versions, but you can also use any MP3 compatible media player (e.g. RealPlayer, Winamp, VLC player, iTunes). Most of the tracks are available in FLAC format (lossless compression, 44,1 Khz, 16 bit), too. We suggest to play the files in FLAC format with Winamp.

Audiovisual files: all audiovisual material are in MPEG1 format. We suggest using Windows Media Player 10 or its updates versions, but you can also use any MPEG1 compatible media player (e.g. RealPlayer, Winamp, VLC player,QuickTime).