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2008. February 07. 13:10 Attila Lorant Regisztraltam, de a kodot soha nem kaptam meg. Igy sajnos keptelen vagyok vasarolni.
2007. September 16. 19:08 William Molnar Their are no Hungarian Stations here and I am glad I found "".

Love to hear the type of "Traditional Polular Songs" my parents, family friends played, sang and danced to when I was a kid.

W Molnar
St Petersburg, Florida USA
2007. September 09. 13:52 George Polyak I thought it polite to just sign your guestbook
2007. July 23. 12:02 Dear Karen,
Unfortunately we don't have their music.
Best regards:
2007. July 16. 05:18 karen I'm looking for CD's by the band Napoleon Boulevard. I live in NYC and can't find them here.