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2009. August 06. 13:11 Paul Hey, Ed! -is that Ed of The Stratford Mercenaries, formerly of The Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys?

Paul here at John Henry's in London.

How you doin? -Will try your email.

2009. January 03. 08:10 Ed Addley You guys stayed with us in Warminster UK YEARS ago, great to see your still playing, think the year was !988 or*&
2008. December 13. 13:02 Dear Tom,

We will check the possibilities and write you soon. Till then look around our repertoire.

2008. December 10. 12:11 tom hi,
do you know where i can purchase cd/download album "SKA HECC" by the band of the same name??

me and a some pals were in Budapest a few years ago and saw them at a gig with P.A.S.O. they rocked, we got a paso cd at the time but SKA HECC did not have any available at that time.
i have seen albums for sale on their website, but not how to buy them??? can you help???

cheers, tom.
2008. October 27. 16:19 Dear Christopher,
Of course we sign foreign bands. We have experimental electronics from Russia, folk from Bulgaria, jazz from Slovakia, psychedelic from Romania and Denmark etc. Send email to and ask for contract and more info.