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2017. September 27. 18:44 HERMAN KELLY TO; PRESIDENT AND STAFFS, AFTERSCHOOL PUBLISHING COMPANY, would like to offer your company 25% commission shares incomes from all usages, co-publishing of HERMAN KELLY' s song, music refer; www.dancetothedrummer' Thanks,
2014. December 06. 21:49 Ott Rezső Lajkó "Infinity" lemezén el vannak keveredve a számcímek.

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2013. September 02. 14:06 Riccardo Hi, i play in neapolitan ska band. How can i contact you to organize a show in Hungary? The name of the band is Inner City Affair and this is our website . I hope you'll contact us.bless you!
2013. April 20. 17:26 Cecilia Hi guys! i'm an italian girl. I really love your music <3 i wish i could see you soon in Italy :D your music accompany my days. Great job!
2010. December 06. 20:24 kisecset I like registration