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Dávid Fekete

Dávid Fekete

Dávid Fekete became well-known after having come second in TV2’s Megasztár 4 talent show. In 2009 his first album was released, titled A döntőben elhangzott dalok. In 2010 he was voted the face of Győr and in the same year both Viva Comet and Bravo Otto nominated him for best solo male performer. Ébredj fel, his second record appeared in December 2010 along with a new video. In 2013 and 2013 two new videos, Most képzeld el

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Dávid Fekete  - Ébredj Fel

Dávid Fekete
Ébredj Fel
Gold Record


Dávid Fekete  - Akarom! (EP)

Dávid Fekete
Akarom! (EP)
Strong Record