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Veronika Harcsa

Veronika Harcsa

Graduated from The Liszt Academy of Music in 2008. Veronika founded her first own jazz band in 2005, publishing their first album „Speak Low”, covering jazz standards, the same year.
In 2007 Speak Low was released in Japan to critical success, reaching the top of the vocal jazz charts at Tower Records.
Her second album „You Don’t Know It’s You”, was released in 2008 and included her own songs. This important second album followed the first one’s success, again reaching the top of the charts in Japan. In Hungary it became a platinum jazz album, and was awarded with the prestigious „Hungarian Jazz Album of the Year” title in 2009 at the Fonogram Gala. The song „Too Early” from this album was the most played song on MR2 radio in February 2008.
The third album Red Baggage reached similar successes in Hungary as well as in Japan, where the releases were followed by two live tours.
The fourth album of the Quartet, was released in May 2011, titled „Lámpafény” (Lamplight) and it is their first album in Hungarian language, covering works by 20th century Hungarian poets.
The Jazz Quartet includes Attila Blaho (piano), Zoltán Oláh (double bass), Bálint Majtényi (drums). Their regular guest is Bálint Gyémánt (guitars).
Parallel to her Quartet she is a member of the experimental and electronic music band Bin-Jip. Their first album „Enter” won the award for „Alternative Album of the Year” at the 2011 Fonogram awards. The music video for the title track was directed by Pater Sparrow.
Veronika has performed at festivals and clubs in 20 countries worldwide. She is often invited to participate in renowned projects and regularly works together with Italian producer Nicola Conte.
Earlier appearances:
- Erik Sumo Band: singer (2005-2010)
- Off company: singer in the contemporary dance show Fészek (Nest, 2007)
- Off company: singer in the contemporary dance show Szomjas vagyok (I am Thirsty, 2008)
- Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice, Central Theatre: composer, singer (2008)
- Lost Times (Budapest Film) – composer, singer (2009)
- Best voice at Budapest Fringe Festival (2007)
- Fonogram: „Hungarian Jazz Album of the Year” – You Don’t Know It’s You (2009)
- 40. Hungarian Film Week: „Best Original Score” for Lost Times with Albert Márkos (2009)
- „Best female singer” (2009)
- Fonogram: „Alternative album of the Year” – Bin-Jip: Enter (2011)

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Veronika Harcsa - You Don't Know It's You

Veronika Harcsa
You Don't Know It's You
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition


Veronika Harcsa - Red Baggage

Veronika Harcsa
Red Baggage
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition


Veronika Harcsa - Lámpafény

Veronika Harcsa
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition