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In Hungary probably it's needless to introduce the most well known melodycore band of the country, which started out as a punk band, but due to the gradual musical evolution throughout the years, came to represent melodycore style, which could be described as something between metal and melodic punk. The band summarized it's former era in the album named "Bob!" in 2003. Brigád has been featured on several compilations in Hungary and abroad as well. The band released its 3 song ep, "Álmodj Tovább'" in 2004, supported by 3 videoclips. Brigád has been an active concert band since the beginning, it's a brisk participant in the country's rock-life. It has been to all the clubs in Hungary, previously they had participated in the legendary Travelling Punkcircus, they organized several solo tours in the country, and played with success abroad as well. The band released a self titled album in 2006, and is now working on the next one!

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