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Maybe I will never solve this riddle!
Maybe this will remain a mystery! How a nation, who was
700 years under slavery, managed not only to preserve its language, alphabet, traditions and culture, but also to create the richest folklore on the planet.
Really, why? Why, God, have you given this enormous treasure to them – Bulgarian people ?!? A small people somewhere on the Balkans!
Is this the eighth miracle ?!?
No! This is Bulgaria!
In 2002 the company “”Bulgarian Production” Ltd. established the first privately-owned folklore ensemble in Bulgaria – “BULGARE”.
The ensemble consist  of 40 professional folk dancers selected after a strict casting.
The ensemble was established for the purpose of performing a spectacular folklore project – the dance show “This is Bulgaria”.
The show was backed up by an investment of approximately 300 000 USD
(music, choreography, almost 200 folk costumes, adornments, armory, stage property, special effects, etc.) with the aim to present for the average of 2 hours and 10 min., the “Eighth Wonder” of the world – the Bulgarian folklore.
In seven scenes of music and dance the storyteller – a foreigner (the actor Mr. Georgy Cherkelov) reveals the wealth and beauty of the music, songs and dances from the seven ethnographic districts of Bulgaria – the Rhodopy, Macedonia, Shopluka, North Bulgaria, Dobrudja, Strandja and Thrace.
Along with the star of the Bulgarian film industry and theatre Georgy Cherkalov and the outstanding dancers, participating in the show, are unique soloist-musicians who bring the audience's excitement up to peak with their talent and virtuosity. Particular impressive is the superb performance of the new Bulgarian folklore star – the singer Albena Veskova.
In general, the show introduces to the history, traditions, culture and the adamant spirit of the Bulgarian people.
So far the performance brought tears and joy of the audience all over the country. Everywhere the ensemble's tours proved to be the top cultural event for the past 10 years and triggered emotional comments, both in the media and amongst the general public.
Till now Bulgaria has not had such a large-scale and spectacular performance. The audience stood up to applaud the performers and itself took part in the closing dance, transferring the feast into the hall.
Except in Bulgaria the Ensemble has also been to Macedonia and Israel .
For six month several groups of the Ensemble have presented the beauty of Bulgarian folklore in the Pavilion of Bulgaria at During the International EXPO 2005 in Aichi, Japan.
In April 2005 the ensemble participated in the presentation of Bulgaria in Austria, Belgium, Hungary and Luxemburg, in connection with the country’s acceptance in EU in 2007, under a mutual project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ensemble “BULGARE” and Foundation “BULGARE”.
The artists were accepted everywhere with delight and loud applause.
The activity of “BULGARE” Ensemble is fulfilled under the patronage of the Vice-President of the Republic of Bulgaria Major – General Angel Marin.
At the end of November 2003 a double audio CD with the music from the performance “This is Bulgaria” was released to the Bulgarian market.
Besides, we have a DVD with the performance, which is not planned to be offered for sale for the time being, but there is a possibility to be sent if ordered.

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