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Szimpla Music

One may not think that such records can be made on a club stage but we’ve put a lot of work in documenting the music that can be heard here so this album is far superior to the usual live club concerts’ recorded sounds. Most of the bands are not the best known but everybody plays amazingly professionally. Ethnofil, which has appeared on the Szimpla Lemming Program (Szimpla’s talent program), starts the album, and the first song is already as eclectic as the album itself. Two main lines lead the album, folk and experimental but all the songs are connected by passion so the very different performers fit together this way, as the catharsis of the singer of Meszecsinka is followed by the rumbling of Makrohang. How Arif Erdem Ocak is playing in this record is a delicacy, he is a very well known musician in Turkey. As you are listening to the album, you may realise that it’s a fairly brave album as neither Makrohang or the Buster Keaton (UK) or IOU are typical pub bands, but one song from Lovelaces, which is the coolest porn band of Central Europe, is also on the album. You can also hear that Óperentzia rocks the party, too and at the end we get a really trendy record from Badehaus Szimpla: you can hear the hip-hop jam from their SWAG Jam event. So you can really get lost in this album while listening to it and you can see how wonderfully many things there are in the Hungarian club music that are there for you to explore, for example Neofolk, which gave us the album’s most beautiful song. 

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Szimpla Music  - Szimpla Konczert No. 4.

Szimpla Music
Szimpla Konczert No. 4.
Trottel Records

Alternative, Psychedelic, World Music

Szimpla Music  - Szimpla Konczert No. 5.

Szimpla Music
Szimpla Konczert No. 5.
Trottel Records

Alternative, Blues, Classical Music, Jazz, Rock, World Music

Szimpla Music  - Szimpla Konczert No. 6.

Szimpla Music
Szimpla Konczert No. 6.
Szimpla City

Alternative, Electronic, Jazz, Psychedelic, Reggae , Rock, World Music