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Yan De Mol

Yan De Mol

Yano started his work really early, as he said he started going in discos when he was only 13 years old, but the love of the music appeared when he was younger, enough to say that if he wouldn't wake up in the morning, his mother put up a bakelite disc and the dream went off of his eyes immediately. :)
As a teenager he started his disc jokey work thanks for his friend, Zsolt Galgóczi. He could organize parties next to and in place of him and when he turned 18 he passed his exam at OSZK. Later he continued his work next to Róbert Morva (R.I.P.) who was Yano's most respected person in his work because he went into Robi's parties as a child, and he was looking on him longingly that once he'll be a DJ.
In 1991 and 1992 while he was doing the parties in many places the fate get him together with Attila Ungyi. He helped him with a lot: he gave him ideas, and he figured out the name of Ungyi's new band, which name was Digital Scream. Yano wasn't in it, but life gave him the chance to substitue an other member of the band who wasn't really active and on the first appearance of the band which was in Kerekegyháza Yano helped the band too.
Soon Attila asked Yano to join the band, in this way took shape the classical formation which created instrumental musics in the early years.
As the time went on they realised that doesn't matter how modern a music is if there is no song in it, it could be unmarketable so for Yano's advice they started making covers of the dance trends of this age and they decided that Yano's going to sing as long as Attila is going to response for the rap lyrics. 'Hé várj" was the first result, which was a fancy cover, and we could tell that it has been the first Hungarian disco music.
Digital Scream was a large success: until 1994 they made 4 albums and all of them was gold leaf.
In 1995 Yano decided to try himself in solo and he published 3 solo albums. During this time Digital Scream was moving on with a different line-up but without Yano, when in 1996 Attila called him back finally which result was the album "Visszatérés" and "Sohajok szállnak" was a big success from this album again.
Unfortunately the band couldn't work with stress and they didn't have a able-bodied manager so they decided to end the work and public performances for an uncertain time in 1997.
After a while when Yano felt like he has enough energy and he's relaxed enough he decided to take part of the musician life in the background. He started working as a producer and he made basic music for other people, but he also made remixes. With a few expections (the only exception was Mr. Rasputin) he stayed in the background and in the incognito, he wouldn't give his name to those productions and you wouldn't think how many productions did he take part in.
He's making mixes for many radios in style like retro-reboot, electro-swing, minimal, latino-dance, etc.
In 2013 Yano decided to step out of the ring, and he started making musics as Yan De Mol and he releases discs every month at the publisher Delighters Music. The curiosity of this is that they only appear in the internet markets (Amazon, iTunes, Beatport, etc), you can't buy them in Hungarian markets.
His style is individual because he isn't fond of any style of music, basically he mixes progressive-house, minimal, EDM, trance, etc elements for the mainstream audience but who's listening to them after some time it discovers the particular elements in his musics, and they say 'it's like Yano's.

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