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Lost Continent

Lost Continent

Lost Continent is a groove metal band, mixed with classical strings on cello.

The idea of Lost Continent Popped out of Tomi's head in 2007. Originally, with Peti, the band was calledNoon.

2012. January 5. was the first full crew rehearsal, with Jani and Gabesz of the present members.

In the first half of 2012 the band started writing songs heavily, with significant results. in August 2012 Bálint joined the band as lead vocalist.

Later Bálint Tóth, the first drummer left in agreement with the band.

From February 2013 they went on writing and practicing with Győri Ádám (drums), and Zengő Zsombor (percussion).

These guys form the actual up-to-date full Lost Continent, and they managed everything about the music, and the production as well.

According to the hard work they've done together, the band offers a show 1 hour and up with awesome stage props, 8 self-written songs and with a few covers...

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Lost Continent - A Divine Proportion

Lost Continent
A Divine Proportion
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition