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Attila Nagyoláh

Attila Nagyoláh

My name is Nagyoláh Attila. My job is being a teacher in a smal village in Transilvania, in Ikafalva. My love of music already began when I was a child. I began to play on a small accordion which was hidden in my granparents room. Then, when I went to highschool, we founded a school orchestra with one of my schoolmates, which had a big success among the students. During the years I played on more instruments, and I still learn to play on them, so I am able to play on more instruments much or less, which helps a lot when I have to make up a piece of music myself. I like to make experiments on music, to play, also using the possibilities given by the modern computer studies.

I love every kind of good music, but the transilvanian hungarian folk music is still closest to my heart.

That is why I try to process this folk music also in my songs in other, much modern styles.

I played in some music bands, I teach children to play on different instruments, I have an ammateur children’s orchestra. At this time I don’t play in an music band for adults, which has many reasons (distance, lack of time …). So I record my songs alone with the halp of musical instruments and computer programs.

My goal: besides the joy of creation the diffusing of folk music and making it loved.

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Attila Nagyoláh  - Őseink Zenéje Fémesen / Folk Metal From Transylvania

Attila Nagyoláh
Őseink Zenéje Fémesen / Folk Metal From Transylvania
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition

Folk, Metal, World Music

Attila Nagyoláh  - Ablakomba Besütött A Holdvilág

Attila Nagyoláh
Ablakomba Besütött A Holdvilág
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition

Blues, Folk, Rock