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Ewald Brass Quintet

Ewald Brass Quintet

The Ewald Brass Quintet was founded in 1996 by former students of Franz Liszt Academy of Music (Budapest). The members of the ensemble are Levente Bakó, Tamás Tarkó, András Kovalcsik, Péter Magyar and Attila Peresztegi. Richárd Kresz and Endre Nagy Antal are regularly contributing to the concerts of the quintet. They are also acknowledged as soloists and awarded to prizes at numerous national competitions. In 1998 at their first participation in international competition, the highest-ranked VII. International Brass Competition in Narbonne (France), they were awarded the first prize and an extra prize by the jury. In the following two years the ensemble won prizes at eight high-ranked international competitions:

1998. Narbonne, France: 1st prize and extra prize
1999. Moers, Germany: 3rd prize
1999. Munich, Germany: 2nd prize
1999. Passau, Germany: 2nd prize
2000. Brehmen, Germany: 1st prize
2000. Jeju city, South-Korea: 1st prize and extra prize
2001. Athen, USA: 2nd prize
2001. Passau, Germany: 2nd prize
2001. Munich, Germany: 1st prize

Following December 2003 the ensemble held a national tour at 15 locations sponsored by the GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical Company. They are permanent participants of the Spring Festival (Budapest), the Mini Festival (Budapest), the Bartók Seminar (Szombathely) and the Art Days of Zemplén.

"The Ewald Brass Quintet paid tribute to their namesake in a rare performance of a Quintet in D flat by Victor Ewald.
... Swooping trumpet melodies... virtuoso Ewald Quintet." (London Times)

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