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GuilThee was created in July 2006 by Péter Márton and Gábor Tóth. The members of the band in the last two and a half years are the following:Peter Puskás (vocals), Gergő Nagy (first bass, last vocals), Ádám Horváth (vocals), György Bánfalvi (bass), Tibor Németh (bass), Gergely Soós (vocals).
Today’s line-up has been stable for a year now, they are the following: 
Emil Csula - harsch, and clear vocals, background vocals 
Károly Greskó - rhythm-, solo- and acoustic guitars 
Balázs Bachstetter - rhythm guitars 
István Vértesi - bass 
Gábor Tóth - drums, midi 

The band was made to create a special toned death metal music with esoterical sound. It props the agressive howling aggresive vocals with robust guitar sounds, complex riffs, tight drumming with double bass drums and mallet - convoluted bass. Melodic (maybe female) vocals  appear in the tracks. The feelings of the songs are based on synth carpets to take care of the analogue sound and the psychedelia of the 70's.

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Metal, Psychedelic