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Gabó has been studying singing for 8 years. She intended to deal with classical music professionally and even did so, until receiving her degree in 2003. However, hip-hop and R & B music gradually occupied a bigger place in her heart to define his life since 1992. Other waves also influenced her, like that of the soul, jazz, nu jazz, acid jazz and of course, classical music. This eclectic mixture can characterise

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Gabo - Megváltozol (Feat. Geriskillz & Eged Márton) (Single)
Gabo - Megváltozol (Feat. Geriskillz & Eged Márton) (Single)

Megváltozol (Feat. Geriskillz & Eged Márton) (Single)

Record label: Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition
Year of publication: 2017
Album price: 1 EUR


feat. Geriskillz & Eged Márton

1. Megváltozol 1 EUR
Gabo - 51 Kis Semmiség

51 Kis Semmiség
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition