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Oi Dipnoi

Oi Dipnoi

Dipnoi are living fossils, an order of prehistoric fish that have vestiges of rudimentary lungs: during periods of drought, adapting to the environment, they take refuge in small, moist burrows and can breathe atmospheric oxygen. The poetics developed by Oi Dipnoi trio were born out of the meeting between tradition and innovation: one enriches the other in a constant dialogue in which the assets of the musical culture of the

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Oi Dipnoi - Pontos
Oi Dipnoi - Pontos


Record label: NarRator Records
Year of publication: 2017
Album price: 10 EUR

Valerio Cairone – accordion, scottish bagpipe, castanets, vocal
Marco Carnemolla - double bass, bundless bass, vocal
Mario Gulisano - bodhran, cajon, dumbek, riq, tambourine, jew’s harp, castanets, vocal

1. Thauma 1 EUR
2. Nucantara 1 EUR
3. Scottish 1 EUR
4. Zagara 1 EUR
5. Lilla / Tarante' 1 EUR
6. Vassilissa 1 EUR
7. Karád 1 EUR
8. Terramatta 1 EUR
9. Suez / Om Jag Hade Vingar 1 EUR
10. Zoe – Valzer a Francesco 1 EUR
11. Bastrika 1 EUR
12. Ciatu 1 EUR
13. Ponte Dell'Ovest 1 EUR
14. Oceania 1 EUR
Oi Dipnoi - Bastrika

Oi Dipnoi
NarRator Records

Jazz, World Music