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The band started its career in 2010. They had no name at the time, as a typical countryside garage band would be. They went around playing at bars and did everything they could to have a recording of their playing made. Their first high quality demo hit the net in May 2013 and was watched by a lot of people in a short time period. Recently they really outdid themselves, making two new videos to two songs from their 2014 album

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Trick - Kint és Bent
Trick - Kint és Bent

Kint és Bent

Record label: MZK Publishing
Year of publication: 2017
Album price: 10 EUR

Ádám Zdosek - bass
Zoltán Jáger - drums
Attila Győri – vocal, guitar

1. Tizenhárom 1 EUR
2. Áttörés 1 EUR
3. Tompafény 1 EUR
4. Vágyj 1 EUR
5. # 1 EUR
6. Túl Sok Ész 1 EUR
7. Igazi Vízió 1 EUR
8. Képtelen 1 EUR
9. Hormonkutyák 1 EUR
10. Karma 1 EUR
11. Percmutató 1 EUR
12. Magamféle Senki 1 EUR
13. Tűzbeszéd 1 EUR
Trick - Álomgyár

MZK Publishing

Alternative, Rock

Trick - Tompafény (Single)

Tompafény (Single)
MZK Publishing

Alternative, Rock