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Maria Keck

Maria Keck

Graduated in modern choreography at the Hungarian Dance Academy and Master of music therapy at the University of Alcalá de Henares. Maria develops her own method of teaching dance based on achieving a balance through learning mixed dance languages (flamenco, contemporary) and on free, creative and personal expression in a therapeutic way. She worked five years as a professor using her method in the Exploring Center of the

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Maria Keck - De Cobre
Maria Keck - De Cobre

De Cobre

Record label: NarRator Records
Year of publication: 2017
Album price: 10 EUR

Maria Keck - vocal, dance
Bettina Flater - vocal, guitar
Víctor Guadiana - violin
Miguel Reyes - cajón, percussions

1. Niebla 1 EUR
2. Agua 1 EUR
3. Naposholdas 1 EUR
4. Aire 1 EUR
5. Blues 1 EUR
6. Cómo No Romper 1 EUR
7. Rituálé 1 EUR
8. Entre Cielo Y Tierra 1 EUR
9. Tierra 1 EUR
10. Indulj El 1 EUR