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Maybe I will never solve this riddle! Maybe this will remain a mystery! How a nation, who was 700 years under slavery, managed not only to preserve its language, alphabet, traditions and culture, but also to create the richest folklore on the planet. Really, why? Why, God, have you given this enormous treasure to them – Bulgarian people ?!? A small people somewhere on the Balkans! Is this the eighth miracle

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Bulgare - Ez Bulgária
Bulgare - Ez Bulgária

Ez Bulgária

Record label: Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition
Year of publication: 2003
Album price: 10 EUR
Albena Veskova: vokal
Georgi Cherkelov: actor - the voice of the storyteller
Vesselin Kuzmov: gaida
Atanas Slavov - Mravcho: violin
Ivaylo Romanov - Peleto: tupan
Asen Musov: tupan; Lyubomir Petrov
Todor Kozhuharov
Singing group from Bansko
"Dobruzhanska troika"
Radka Aleksova: voice
Kremena Stancheva: voice
Zurni from Petrich
Assoc. proff. D-r Lyuben Dossev
Vasil Vassilev: kaval
Ivan Georgiev: gaida
Nikolay Paskalev & Ivan Stefanov : gadulka
Vladimir Vladimirov: tambura, guitar
Chamber Orchestral & Folklore Choire by the AMTI Plovdiv
OFD Plovdiv 
Students from AMTI - Plovdiv
Hristo Dimitrov
1. Rhodopi Mountains 3 EUR
2. Macedonia 3 EUR
3. Shopsko - Area 2 EUR
4. North Bulgaria 2 EUR
5. Dobruja 2 EUR
6. Stranja 2 EUR
7. Thrace 3 EUR