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Gabi Völgyesi

Gabi Völgyesi

Gabi Völgyesi is the singer of the band called Unique. She first appeared on stage in 1992 in the programme: Teenager Star Wanted. She met Ádám Kovacsics and Zsolt Ferbár who were looking for a girl for their forming band Unique.

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Gabi Völgyesi  - Ha Érezném (Single)
Gabi Völgyesi  - Ha Érezném (Single)

Ha Érezném (Single)

Record label: SMP
Year of publication: 2016
Album price: 1 EUR

Gabi Völgyesi 

1. Ha Érezném 1 EUR
Gabi Völgyesi  - Csak Te Légy (Maxi Single)

Gabi Völgyesi
Csak Te Légy (Maxi Single)