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LED are a Hungarian synthpop duo formed in 2013, consisting Kaiko -Károly Komódi (singer, synthesist and producer) Kaiko and Mr. M. - Miklós Szénási (synthesist and producer). Miklós Szénási (synth, music, lyrics) was member of many bands in the course of his career. As a known participant of the alternative musical life in Debrecen, he performed with bands like the Fóbikus Panaszok, the Nova Akropola and the Red Marinetti.

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LED - Music Factory
LED - Music Factory

Music Factory

Record label: E.Z.S. Music
Year of publication: 2016
Album price: 10 EUR

Károly Komódi 
Miklós Szénási 

1. All The World Is Green 1 EUR
2. Everybody Wants To Love 1 EUR
3. Deep Blue Sky (Remix) 1 EUR
4. Led's Go 1 EUR
5. I Dream 1 EUR
6. Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf Cover) 1 EUR
7. I Believe 1 EUR
8. Taxi (Ez A Szerelem) 1 EUR
9. Led It Be 1 EUR
10. Music Factory 1 EUR
11. Toy Story 1 EUR
12. A Hajnal, Te Meg Én 1 EUR
LED - Deep Blue Sky (Maxi Single)

Deep Blue Sky (Maxi Single)
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition

Electronic, Pop

LED - Born To Be Wild (Maxi Single)

Born To Be Wild (Maxi Single)
E.Z.S. Music

Electronic, Pop

LED - Ne Várj (Single)

Ne Várj (Single)
E.Z.S. Music

Electronic, Pop