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The band was formed in Tatabánya in 1997 by Benedek Benkő (drums), Ferenc Fehér (guitar), Robert Kucsera (bass/vocals) - then in 1998 Ferenc Hamburger (keyboards) has joined the band. Their first release was "Hetente változik" supported by two videos which were played often by the Hungarian Music TV Channel. This line-up was active until 2002. The next release was "Alapvetően Délben Reggeliznék Inkább"

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Nemtom - A Nappaliban Alszom
Nemtom - A Nappaliban Alszom

A Nappaliban Alszom

Record label: Peron Music
Year of publication: 2006
Album price: 4 EUR
Benedek Benkő (guitars, lead vocals)
Zoltán Kis (bass)
Ariel Mike (guitars, backing vocals)
Gergő Posztos (keyboards, vocals)
Péter Wéber (drums)
1. A Nappaliban Alszom 1 EUR
2. Mit Hoz a Holnap 1 EUR
3. Nem Vagyunk Angyalok 1 EUR
4. A Nappaliban Alszom - Karaoke Verzió 1 EUR