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Elsa Valle

Elsa Valle

It was inevitable that singer, composer Elsa Valle would answer the calling of music – from the cradle, music deeply affected her life. As a child she would listen to her father’s trumpet music and her mother’s mellifluous singing. She spent her childhood years in a truly musical environment, in a climate of pure art. Born in Cuba and living now in Hungary, Elsa, shortly after graduating at the best music

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Elsa Valle - Vida Y Colores
Elsa Valle - Vida Y Colores

Vida Y Colores

Record label: GR1993 Records
Year of publication: 2015
Album price: 10 EUR

Elsa Valle 
Gábor Winand 
Ramon Valle 
Pedro Luis Pardo Cosme 
Nils Fischer

1. A Bailar 1 EUR
2. Bochinche 1 EUR
3. El Gallo 1 EUR
4. Malandro 1 EUR
5. Mambo Seguro 1 EUR
6. Mi Cuba 1 EUR
7. Mulata Rumbera 1 EUR
8. Nana 1 EUR
9. Platos y Cucharas 1 EUR
10. Quimbombó 1 EUR
11. Tintineo 1 EUR
12. Mi Caramelo 1 EUR
Elsa Valle - Salsa Y Picante

Elsa Valle
Salsa Y Picante
Tom-Tom Records

World Music

Elsa Valle - Universo

Elsa Valle
GR1993 Records

World Music

Elsa Valle - Ad Libitum (With Gábor Winand)

Elsa Valle
Ad Libitum (With Gábor Winand)