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The unusual name of the band, made up of well-known Hungarian jazz figures Zsolt Kaltenecker (piano), András Dés (percussions) and Béla Piri (double bass) has a story to it: it is the date of manufacture of the piano on which their eponymous composition was written. Their music is aimed at audiences who prefer a modern strand of jazz music with original musical conceptions incorporating composite rhythms and dynamic complexity

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1705 - Zone
1705 - Zone


Record label: BMC Records
Year of publication: 2015
Album price: 10 EUR

Zsolt Kaltenecker 
Béla Piri 
András Dés 

1. Nocturne Revisited 1 EUR
2. Zone 1 EUR
3. Spring Dance 1 EUR
4. Waiting for the Sun 1 EUR
5. 21 1 EUR
6. Closing Hour 1 EUR
7. Vortex 1 EUR
8. Time Flies 1 EUR
9. New Year 1 EUR
10. Between Spaces 1 EUR