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Last Aliens In Rio

Last Aliens In Rio

We are proud to present this wonderful album from LAST ALIENS IN RIO. With bossa nova as a starting point; the Brazilian poet, musician, composer and singer Felipe Lion has brought in a large number of talented instrumentalists in this beautiful album production. The result is a timeless, clean and pure piece with a clear and warm sound.

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Last Aliens In Rio - Teu Doce Jeito Dizer Adeus
Last Aliens In Rio - Teu Doce Jeito Dizer Adeus

Teu Doce Jeito Dizer Adeus

Record label: Egység Média
Year of publication: 2015
Album price: 10 EUR

Last Aliens In Rio

1. Teu Doce Jeito Dizer Adeus 1 EUR
2. O Luar De Havana 1 EUR
3. Candy Odeia Ballet 1 EUR
4. Pássaro Da Manhã 1 EUR
5. Mihas Regras Bobas 1 EUR
6. Apenas Fingindo 1 EUR
7. O Silêncio 1 EUR
8. O Amor Pode Matar 1 EUR
9. Shadows Lake 1 EUR
10. Loiras In My Head 1 EUR