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Kaan Luum

Kaan Luum

The music of Kaan Luum was born through the encounter of a handpan and a Persian santoor and represents the special vibration of two human beings. It is not etno, but human; not world music but an independent musical world. It spreads the light - not only for those who live on light. This is a unique journey of the sound to an unknown dimension, which might be not as far as we think it is.

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Kaan Luum - Potala Mousse
Kaan Luum - Potala Mousse

Potala Mousse

Record label: Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition
Year of publication: 2015
Album price: 10 EUR

Norbert Murányi 
Andrea Szabadi 

1. Open Space 1 EUR
2. Feathers 1 EUR
3. Silver Lake 1 EUR
4. Letter From Kaan Luum 1 EUR
5. Land Of Light 1 EUR
6. Lamele Wena 1 EUR
7. (In)Carnation 1 EUR
8. Eternal... 1 EUR
9. Ocean Power 1 EUR
10. Peaceful Dream 1 EUR
Kaan Luum - Vulkaan

Kaan Luum
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition

World Music