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János Vázsonyi

János Vázsonyi

János Vázsonyi, born in 1970 in Budapest, comes from a family of musicians. He was a saxophone major at the Budapest Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music, later studied at the College of Buddhism. Egon a falon, his first jazz-rock ensemble, played at the Pori Jazz Festival. Drums, his second group, made three ethno-jazz records, and the current one, Triton, also blends folk music with jazz, adding certain elements of classical

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János Vázsonyi - Tribute
János Vázsonyi - Tribute


Record label: Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition
Year of publication: 1999
Album price: 10 EUR

János Vázsonyi

1. Andante (Sonata in C) 1 EUR
2. Allegro (Sonata in C) 1 EUR
3. Adagio (Sonata in C) 1 EUR
4. Menuett (Sonata in C) 1 EUR
5. Allemande (Partita in A) 1 EUR
6. Corrente (Partita in A) 1 EUR
7. Sarabande (Partita in A) 1 EUR
8. Boureé (Partita in A) 1 EUR
9. All Blues 1 EUR
10. Tribute 1 EUR
János Vázsonyi - Shades Of Bach

János Vázsonyi
Shades Of Bach
BMC Records

Classical Music

János Vázsonyi - Vonósnégyesek

János Vázsonyi
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition

Classical Music