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T-Total Feat. Marc Almond

T-Total Feat. Marc Almond

Marc Almond as an international artist is both critically acclaimed and hugely successful as a singer, songwriter and performer. With Dave Ball he established the first successful British electro-duo: Soft Cell. Soft Cell had a string of international hits, the most successful having been their multi-million selling version of the northern soul song 'Tainted Love'. The song is as popular today as it was in 1981 and is

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T-Total Feat. Marc Almond - Baby's On Fire
T-Total Feat. Marc Almond - Baby's On Fire

Baby's On Fire

Record label: Pure Mint Recordings
Year of publication: 2005
Album price: 8 EUR

 Marc Almond

1. Baby's on Fire 1 EUR
2. Burning Dub 1 EUR
3. Take Me Away 1 EUR
4. Take Me Away Dub 1 EUR
5. Baby's on Fire (CD Edit) 1 EUR
6. Burning Dub (CD Edit) 1 EUR
7. Take Me Away (CD Edit) 1 EUR
8. Take Me Away Dub (CD Edit) 1 EUR