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Esclin Syndo

Esclin Syndo

Esclin Syndo is a band from both Pécs and Budapest. They play a mixture of trip-hop and rock music, performing regularly at A38 Concert Ship and Hungarian festivals. They started in 2003 at Pécs and they are the first Hungarian band that won the international ABC talent contest. Dalma Berger and Dániel Sándor restarted the band in 2006 with guitarist Huba Ratkóczi, Bassist Péter Kolozsi and percussionist Dániel Somló.

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Esclin Syndo - Sleeping Traveler
Esclin Syndo - Sleeping Traveler

Sleeping Traveler

Record label: CLS
Year of publication: 2009
Album price: 10 EUR

Dalma Berger - vocal
Huba Ratkóczi - guitar
Péter Kolozsi - bass
Dániel Somló - drums

1. MemoryMan 1 EUR
2. Go by Car 1 EUR
3. Highways 1 EUR
4. Heritage 1 EUR
5. Mother and Sun 1 EUR
6. Secret Lover 1 EUR
7. My Weapon 1 EUR
8. Folklore 1 EUR
9. Sleeping Traveler 1 EUR
10. Halfway to Recognition 1 EUR