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This band was formed in 2003.Their music is influenced by plenty of authetic vibes such as Afro,reggae Mediterranean and South-American notes,and of course Easten-European rithems. The lyrics are sung in Spanish and Hungarian,including many different cultures. Their live performances are the most demended gigs over the bars and clubs in Hungary.

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Peca - Calle Cartagena 211
Peca - Calle Cartagena 211

Calle Cartagena 211

Record label: L.V. Records
Year of publication: 2005
Album price: 10 EUR

Dániel Kardos, Árpád Vajdovich, Kornél Mogyoró, Gergő Ballay, Luis Alberto Castillo

1. Calle Cartagena 1 EUR
2. Me Levanto 1 EUR
3. Yo Soy Hungaro 1 EUR
4. 7/8-os 1 EUR
5. Que Te Pasa Cono 1 EUR
6. 5/4-es 1 EUR
7. Cuando Llege 1 EUR
8. Korán Van 1 EUR
9. Kavalos 2 EUR
Peca - Kiráz A Hideg / Shivers Down My Spine

Kiráz A Hideg / Shivers Down My Spine
DDK Records / Bly

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