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Karaván Familia

Karaván Familia

The most known part of Gipsy culture is the music. Many things have been mentioned about the Gipsy music generally but is a fact that it has so many types from folk music to entertaining industry and we can think of jazz or world music too. The average costumers or the experts express their emotions usually similar characterizations when they are listening the Gipsy music. The most frequently used expressions are fiery

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Karaván Familia - Gipsy Crossroads
Karaván Familia - Gipsy Crossroads

Gipsy Crossroads

Record label: Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition
Year of publication: 2006
Album price: 10 EUR

István Nagy, Ilona Farkas, ifj. István Nagy, Nikolett Nagy, Wertetic Slobodan, Dávid Eredics, ifj. Sándor Ónodi

1. Shej Baxtali / Lucky Girl 1 EUR
2. Blues for Dimo 1 EUR
3. Rumba Korkores / Lonely Rumba 1 EUR
4. Bare Droma / Big Roads 1 EUR
5. Si Man Voja / I Have a Good Time 1 EUR
6. Otthon, Szabolcsban / At Home in Szabolcs Country 1 EUR
7. Romengo Dives / The Day of the Gipsies (Ederlezi) 1 EUR
8. Ando Baro Foro / In the Big City 1 EUR
9. Amari Familija / Our Family 1 EUR
10. Sáros Utca / Muddy Street 1 EUR
11. Gipsy Crossroads 1 EUR
12. O Dadoro / The Daddy 1 EUR
13. Nikoletta 1 EUR
14. Avel o Shavo / The Gipsy Boy is Coming 1 EUR
15. O Trajo / The Life 1 EUR
16. Tradav / I'm Driving 1 EUR
17. Me Sim Baxtalo / I'm Lucky 1 EUR
18. Zhas Khere! / Let's Go Home! 1 EUR
Karaván Familia - La Familijaki Zor (A Család Ereje)

Karaván Familia
La Familijaki Zor (A Család Ereje)
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition

World Music

Karaván Familia - Asvin

Karaván Familia
Fonó Budai Zeneház

Folk, World Music

Karaván Familia - Kawalcade

Karaván Familia
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition

World Music