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Alma Ensemble

Alma Ensemble

Four friends from high school formed the band back in the summer of 1996. We won several talent shows right at the beginning, and then with the help of friends our first album was released on tape at the time with the ”witty” title Apple (Alma). We offered a few hundreds of them for charitable purposes. At first we only played for adults but after an accidental referral we started playing for children. Due to our unique tone

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Alma Ensemble - Kicsik És Durvák (Single)
Alma Ensemble - Kicsik És Durvák (Single)

Kicsik És Durvák (Single)

Record label: 1G Records
Year of publication: 2015
Album price: 1 EUR

Gábor Buda - guitar, vocal
Zsolt Maroevich – viola
Tibor Szabó - guitar, bouzouki, tambura, percussions
Zoltán Székely - recorder, kaval, tilinkó, saxophone

1. Kicsik és Durvák 1 EUR