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SPACETAXI refers to a C64 video game back from 1984 and also to the name of a Hungarian band from Budapest. The two things have nothing to do with each other, except for the fact that guitarist/band founder Krisztian ‘Ceru’ Somogyi has played a lot with the first and is currently playing with the other nowadays. The band emerged from the ‘Keleti Blokk’ creative studios of Budapest and after various compositions in the line-up

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Spacetaxi - Microtragedies
Spacetaxi - Microtragedies


Record label: Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition
Year of publication: 2014
Album price: 10 EUR

Ida Veres - vocal
Krisztián Somogyi „Ceru” – guitar
Gergő Gelsei – bass
Gábor Báthori – drums
Gergő Rödönyi – keyboards, guitar

Guest Artists:
Ádám Menyhei – vocal, kazoo
Zsiga Szert – harmonica
Janó Nemes – saxophone
András Viczay – doromb

1. Cowboy 1 EUR
2. Che 1 EUR
3. Tom Thumb 1 EUR
4. Scary Traces 1 EUR
5. Dividing Lines 1 EUR
6. Berry 1 EUR
7. Discovery Channel 1 EUR
8. Nighthawk 1 EUR
9. Travel Channel 1 EUR
10. Scary Traces (Reprise) 1 EUR
11. Too Many Bubbles 1 EUR