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Various Artists (Budapest Soundcard)

Various Artists (Budapest Soundcard)

Budapest Soundcard is an unique and unusual method to spread the colourful music of Budapest. It’s a printed postcard and a digital compilation too. The postcard has 4 different versions that contains a QR code with this download link – that’s how you got here. If you really want to have a sneak peak to the City’s music life just buy the compilation. The printed postcards can be sent by post, of course.

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Various Artists (Budapest Soundcard) - Budapest Soundcard - Listen To The City
Various Artists (Budapest Soundcard) - Budapest Soundcard - Listen To The City

Budapest Soundcard - Listen To The City

Record label: Mana Mana Records
Year of publication: 2014
Album price: 10 EUR

Kerekes Band
Tüchök Electro
Mystical Plants
Pluto Project
Noir York
Vono Box
Savages Y Suefo
Step Bistro
The Worldstylers
Goulasch Exotica
Alba Hyseni

1. Kerekes Band: Waiting For The Sunshine (Funkshine Remix) 1 EUR
2. Tüchök Electro: Orfeu 1 EUR
3. Mystical Plants: Groove Anthem (feat. Nicol Tameika) 1 EUR
4. Sannan: Heady Land 1 EUR
5. Grabo'sky: Poolside (Quixotic Remix) 1 EUR
6. Pluto Project: Lick Of The Whip 1 EUR
7. Noir York: Racine 1 EUR
8. Carmel: Big Man 1 EUR
9. Vono Box: Bubbles 1 EUR
10. Savages Y Suefo: Or Ve Hoshech (Kid Loco Remix) 1 EUR
11. Step Bistro: SztendUp 1 EUR
12. The Worldstylers: Folkfloor 1 EUR
13. Emil: Kitchice (feat. Jana Karzhina) 1 EUR
14. Goulasch Exotica: Csakazéris 1 EUR
15. Alba Hyseni: Adieu (Friend of Sorrow) 1 EUR