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“Bülbül” /pronounce: bhewl-bhewl/ is a Turkish word, in Persian “bulbul” means nightingale. The band started in 2013. Noémi Takács, singer of the band was born in Pered (in the Upland – Hungarian inhabited part of present Slovakia). She is guest singer of Modern Art Orchestra and at the moment is third course student of Kőbánya Music Studio. Noémi was gifted with such voice tone that it was not incidental that Géza Demeter

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BülBüls - Elment Otthonról A Lány (Feat. MYGL) (Single)
BülBüls - Elment Otthonról A Lány (Feat. MYGL) (Single)

Elment Otthonról A Lány (Feat. MYGL) (Single)

Record label: Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition
Year of publication: 2014
Album price: 1 EUR

Noémi Takács - vocal, guitar
Richárd Beri - guitar
Gábor Domonkos - bass
Csaba Papp - drums
Erik Tempfli - keyboards 
Barna Szőke

1. Elment Otthonról a Lány 1 EUR
BülBüls - Csillageső (EP)

Csillageső (EP)
Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition