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Viktor Tóth Arura Trio

Viktor Tóth Arura Trio

Since the members of the trio are all eminent members of the Hungarian jazz life, and well known to the audience from various other formations, the real news is that the three of them playing in the same group. The media said the following about the Viktor Tóth – Miklós Lukács duo: “Vocation, sensibility, consciousness, attention – energetic improvisation full of ideas, imagination, humbleness and inspiration.”

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Viktor Tóth Arura Trio - Szemed Kincse / The Present
Viktor Tóth Arura Trio - Szemed Kincse / The Present

Szemed Kincse / The Present

Record label: BMC Records
Year of publication: 2014
Album price: 9 EUR

Viktor Tóth - saxophone
Miklós Lukács - dulcimer
György Orbán - double bass

1. Joy 1 EUR
2. First & Second 1 EUR
3. Barta Bertalan Dala / Ballad of Bertalan Barta 1 EUR
4. Brilliant Steps 1 EUR
5. The Cat and the Moon 1 EUR
6. I'm Waiting for You 1 EUR
7. Memory of a Hatter 1 EUR
8. Az Éjszaka Zenéje / Night Music 1 EUR
9. Emanation 1 EUR