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Gábor Winand

Gábor Winand

Jazz has always enjoyed a paradoxical relationship with singing. For jazz instrumentalists have always tried to make their mode of expression the closest possible to vocal expression. And jazz vocalists take inspiration from instrumental improvisation. With others, Gábor Winand is renewing the basis of this paradox by turning it inside out like a glove. Franck Bergerot, Jazzman   Jazz has always enjoyed a paradoxical

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Gábor Winand - Corners Of My Mind
Gábor Winand - Corners Of My Mind

Corners Of My Mind

Record label: BMC Records
Year of publication: 2001
Album price: 10 EUR

Gábor Winand - vocal
Gábor Gadó - guitar
Mihály Dresch - soprano and tenor saxophone, recorder
Matthieu Donarier - tenor saxophone
László Gőz - trombone
Ferenc Schreck - bass trombone
József Barcza Horváth - double bass
Sebastien Boisseau - double bass
Elemér Balázs - drums
Joe Quitzke - drums

1. Crossroads of Life 1 EUR
2. Corners of my Mind 1 EUR
3. Lovely Molly 1 EUR
4. Little Bloody Song 1 EUR
5. Weird Nightmare 1 EUR
6. Every Morning 1 EUR
7. Diversion 1 EUR
8. Love Song 1 EUR
9. Cold Light of Dawn 1 EUR
10. Seasons of the Heart 1 EUR
Gábor Winand - Agent Spirituel

Gábor Winand
Agent Spirituel
BMC Records


Gábor Winand - Different Garden

Gábor Winand
Different Garden
BMC Records


Gábor Winand - About Me (Feat. Elsa Valle)

Gábor Winand
About Me (Feat. Elsa Valle)