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This band of excellent jazz and contemporary musicians have merged with Gergő Agócs, the folk musician. The encounter of genres resulted a unique sounding and it proved again that outstanding musicians can make wonders crossing over genre boundaries both in studio and on stage. The artists believe that it is meaningless to classify music by genres, as these do not exist any more. Today's labels like "world music” and "ethno

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EastWing - Betyárvilág
EastWing - Betyárvilág


Record label: Fonó Budai Zeneház
Year of publication: 2014
Album price: 10 EUR

Gábor Kéri - guitar
Frankie Látó - violin
Gergely Agócs - vocal, traditional instruments
Tibor Eichinger - guitar
István Megyaszay - bass
Kornél Mogyoró - percussions
Péter Szendőfi - drums

1. Komáromi Kisleány / The Girl From Komárom 1 EUR
2. Őserdő / Jungle 1 EUR
3. Rétesdal / Strudel Song 1 EUR
4. Csillagok Intro 1 EUR
5. Csillagok / Stars 1 EUR
6. Hey, Chico 1 EUR
7. Szereti a Tik a Meggyet / The Hen and the Cherries 1 EUR
8. Bálna / The Whale 1 EUR
9. Interlude 1 EUR
10. Nomád 1 EUR
11. New Generation 1 EUR
12. A Kalapos Ember / The Man with the Hat 1 EUR