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Om Art Formation

Om Art Formation

Nikolai Ivanov started OM, the first Bulgarian ethno- ambient band, back in 1991 as a project intended to fuse together various cross cultural references with elements of ethno, jazz, new age, ambient, sacral music and minimalism. With OM Nikolai Ivanov managed to put to music his philosophy for synthesis of Eastern and Western cultures and his concept of the global ‘ethnologization’ of contemporary art.

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Om Art Formation - The Long Way
Om Art Formation - The Long Way

The Long Way

Record label: Periferic Records
Year of publication: 1998
Album price: 10 EUR

Nikolay Ivanov - guitars, tambura, sitar, piano, keyboard, flute, vocal
Rumen Semerdjiev - bass, vocal
Georgi Anguelov - percussions, tabla, tupan, tarambuka, didgeridoo, kaval, duda, ének 
Ivailo Vakavliev - soprano saxophone 

1. Windlessness 1 EUR
2. The Kulu Valley 1 EUR
3. Bulgaristan 1 EUR
4. The Mountain 1 EUR
5. Song of the Desert 1 EUR
6. Legend for Basthet 1 EUR
7. Dream 1 EUR
8. There Far Away 1 EUR
9. I Don’t Know the Train for Home 1 EUR
10. Flying Away Angel 1 EUR
11. Dobrutro (Good Morning) 1 EUR
12. The Long Way 1 EUR
13. Ritual 1 EUR
14. Funeral 1 EUR
15. Like a River 1 EUR
16. Sunny Dance 1 EUR