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Dressed In Black

Dressed In Black

Ars poetica: ”Human soul lives in a permanent whirl, in the flow of eternally stirring emotions. We believe that our thoughts and emotions that became purer throughout the years can be handed over to you and could help you on your path. We’re dressed in black to mourn, however this mourning does not concern life, but only that ignorance that lives within us and by which we are imprisoned. We might see more together!

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Dressed In Black - A Tükrön Túl (EP)
Dressed In Black - A Tükrön Túl (EP)

A Tükrön Túl (EP)

Record label: NAIL Records
Year of publication: 2013
Album price: 10 EUR

Dániel Horváth (Haldar San) – Vocal 
Xrated – Scream
Tamás Piri (HT Afterburn) – Guitar 
Dávid Kiss – Guitar 
Máté Fülöp (Gomez El Muerto) – Basses
Dávid Kiss – Drums  

1. Ösztön 1 EUR
2. Szén 1 EUR
3. Holnapután 1 EUR
4. Kell a Hited 1 EUR
5. Behind the Mirror 1 EUR