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Szűcs Gabi

Szűcs Gabi

Gabi Szűcs must be familiar for those who like quality music. She was a founder member of Cotton Club Singers and remained in the group for 14 years. She quit in 2007. The change meant the discovery of a new musical world and the development of her artistic personality, however she didn’t turn her back on the jazz. Her musical taste is very diverse. Thus the singer’s repertoire is colourful, embracing different eras.

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Szűcs Gabi - Swinging Amy
Szűcs Gabi - Swinging Amy

Swinging Amy

Record label: Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition
Year of publication: 2013
Album price: 10 EUR

Gabi Szűcs 

1. You Know I’m No Good 1 EUR
2. Our Day Will Come 1 EUR
3. Some Unholy War 1 EUR
4. Take the Box 1 EUR
5. Cherry 1 EUR
6. Wake Up Alone 1 EUR
7. Rehab 1 EUR
8. Back to Black 1 EUR
9. Love Is a Losing Game 1 EUR
10. To Know Him Is To Love Him 1 EUR
11. Me and Mr. Jones 1 EUR
12. Valerie (Akusztikus) 1 EUR
13. You Sent Me Flying 1 EUR
14. Tears Dry on Their Own 1 EUR
15. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 1 EUR
16. Valerie 1 EUR
Szűcs Gabi - Tűsarkú Lépteim

Szűcs Gabi
Tűsarkú Lépteim
1G Records

Jazz, Pop

Szűcs Gabi - Úgysem Felejtesz El (Deep House Remix) (Single)

Szűcs Gabi
Úgysem Felejtesz El (Deep House Remix) (Single)
1G Records