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By mixing Hungarian folk music, rock, ska, punk and Balkan genres Barabonto created a special style called “gastrock” that urges the audience to hot partying just as in festivals. The band managed to create a harmony between the diverse individuals and musical genres that radiates a naturally happy atmosphere. Thus “gastrock” means that being on a Barabanto concert we have no other things to do just eat, drink and party!

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Barabonto - Kisváros (Maxi)
Barabonto - Kisváros (Maxi)

Kisváros (Maxi)

Record label: ko records
Year of publication: 2012
Album price: 4 EUR

Iván Friedrich – vocal
Dominika Mészáros – violin
András Simon – drums
Krisztián Rácz „Csülök”- guitar
Márton Erős – bass
Gábor Meleghegyi - keyboards

1. Kisváros 1 EUR
2. Sört, Bort, Pálinkát 1 EUR
3. Nyaralok 1 EUR
4. Gedeon Bácsi 1 EUR