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Krisztián Sztevanovity was born on 11 January 1976. His father is Dusán Sztevanovity,his uncle Zorán Sztevanovity. Natali, his sister wrote the lyrics for Viktor Király’s independent album. Krisztián didn’t think about dealing with music, he just listened to it, and played only as a hobby. However at the end of the 90’s, after writing several songs for commercials, music writing became somewhat serious. In 2002 the Vision band

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Symbien - Say You Will (Maxi)
Symbien - Say You Will (Maxi)

Say You Will (Maxi)

Record label: Gold Record
Year of publication: 2013
Album price: 2 EUR

Krisztián Sztevanovity 
Tom Davis
Márta Molnár 

1. Symbien feat. Tom Davis: Say You Will 1 EUR
2. Symbien feat. Molnár Márta: Turn It Around 1 EUR