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Gergely Vincze (BLR), member of the Majka/Curtis/BLR trio has been dealing with songwriting and performing since 2001. Hip-hop has been his passion since his childhood, his favourite style is westcoast. He released the first CD “Oujee” in 2011 by himself. That year he met Majka and the three of them wrote the giga hit “Belehalok”. BLR is working on his own album at the moment that is to come out in the autumn of 2013.

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BLR - BlaBlaBla (Maxi Single)
BLR - BlaBlaBla (Maxi Single)

BlaBlaBla (Maxi Single)

Record label: Magneoton
Year of publication: 2013
Album price: 3 EUR

Gergely Vincze 

1. BlaBlaBla 1 EUR
2. BlaBlaBla (Acapella) 1 EUR
3. BlaBlaBla (Instrumental) 1 EUR