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The band's story dates back to 2001, when Baggio founded his first group, the Shotgun. His eternal partner has been Drazor, with who they first wrote straightforward lyrics to hip-hop based on rock elements. After several member changes they turned towards a new direction in 2010, with new name and style. It was then when Funkstar was born and they started to work on a new musical material. The first album of the band came

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Funkstarr - Csak A Zene Van (Feat. Pély Barna) (Single)
Funkstarr - Csak A Zene Van (Feat. Pély Barna) (Single)

Csak A Zene Van (Feat. Pély Barna) (Single)

Record label: Music Fashion
Year of publication: 2013
Album price: 1 EUR

Gergő Kéki – drums
Krisztián Nagy „Deez” – DJ, sampler
Tibor Kovács-Kunovits „Baggio” – MC, vocal
Barna Pély - vocal

1. Csak a Zene Van 1 EUR
Funkstarr - Megafon

Szerzői Kiadás / Author's Edition

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