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The Trousers

The Trousers

Hungarian rock and roll band THE TROUSERS (formed in 2004) began to play severe gigs around 2006, and appeared on a promotional hungarian independent collection cd called DANUBE DISCO. In spring, 2007 Mamazone Records released their DIVE INSANE EP, and in july the band played on MELT!FESTIVAL (G), on the same day as their long-time favourite BRMC!!! In the summer the single BLOOD FOR YOU came out on a compilation called

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The Trousers - Freakbeat
The Trousers - Freakbeat


Record label: EMI Music Services
Year of publication: 2013
Album price: 10 EUR

Zoltán Kőváry (Dr Buffalo) - Vocal, guitar
Péter Locke - Guitar
Ádám Iliás - Bass
Zoltán Cs. Szabó (Chase E. Church) - Drums

Guest musicians:
Zsolt Derecseke - keyboards
Rita Csányi - backing vocals
András Gábor - guitar
Nicke Andersson – guitar
Szoni Ferenczi - vocal

1. I Get Around 1 EUR
2. Sister Sludge 1 EUR
3. Fear of the City 1 EUR
4. Freakbeat 1 EUR
5. Under the Wheel 1 EUR
6. Electric Garden 1 EUR
7. Crackin' Up Alone 1 EUR
8. Real Deep Groove 1 EUR
9. Not Afraid to Fall 1 EUR
10. All Day & All of the Night 1 EUR
11. Demon Gasoline 1 EUR
The Trousers - Planetary Process

The Trousers
Planetary Process
Dunagentsys Kft.


The Trousers - Soul Machine

The Trousers
Soul Machine
Twelvetones Records


The Trousers - Sister Sludge (EP)

The Trousers
Sister Sludge (EP)
EMI Music Services


The Trousers - Mother Of Illusion

The Trousers
Mother Of Illusion
Soulmachine Records


The Trousers - Dancer From The Dance (EP)

The Trousers
Dancer From The Dance (EP)
Music Fashion


The Trousers - Invisible Darkness

The Trousers
Invisible Darkness
Music Fashion