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After its birth in January 2007 things got really stirred up around the band Dharma. A few months after their start Dharma recorded its first demo. They debuted in the capitol, Budapest. In the spring of 2008 the group toured the country with “Road”, meanwhile getting to the “Funeral 2.” compilation album, published by 272 Records in the US, with their song “Saviour”. Soon Dharma shot their

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Dharma - Dharmageddon
Dharma - Dharmageddon


Record label: NAIL Records
Year of publication: 2012
Album price: 10 EUR

Ani Ritzel – vocal
András Kőmíves – drums
Gergő Kelemen – bass
László Gurka - guitar, keyboards, vocal

1. Varanasi 1 EUR
2. Encoded in Fire 1 EUR
3. Apocalypto 1 EUR
4. Mirror on the Wall 1 EUR
5. Sex, Blood 1 EUR
6. Pain & Pleasure 1 EUR
7. Tonight 1 EUR
8. Final Destination 1 EUR
9. The World to Me 1 EUR
10. One by One 1 EUR
Dharma - Heavenly Hell

Heavenly Hell
NAIL Records