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One of the first Hungarian bands playing Irish folk. Hungarian stars got some M.É.Z. tunes to remix, so let’s see what they have done. The remixers are all outstanding representatives of their style. The fact that they accepted the proposal proves that M.É.Z. has stepped over the “simple Irish band” category and created its own style and musical world with special instrumentation and sounding.

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M.É.Z. - LeM.É.Z.lovasok
M.É.Z. - LeM.É.Z.lovasok


Record label: NarRator Records
Year of publication: 2001
Album price: 9 EUR

Ákos, Sterbinszky, Albert Földi, Zsolt Gömöry, Pierrot

1. Fenn a Hegyvidéken 1 EUR
2. Irish Coffee 1 EUR
3. Taste the Fairy - Göme Remix 1 EUR
4. The Rising of the Moon - Lion's Dub Club remix 1 EUR
5. Paddy's Farewell 1 EUR
6. Fenn a Hegyvidéken 1 EUR
7. Taste the Fairy 1 EUR
8. The Rising of the Moon 1 EUR
9. Paddy's Farewell 1 EUR
M.É.Z. - The Fairies

The Fairies
NarRator Records

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