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The band officially formed in the spring of 2010, after Krisztián Lovrek - with the help of best friend Zoltán Zalán Kárpáti – recorded the home demo of three of his songs. But the story dates back much earlier than that. In the late 90′s, Krisztian – inspired by Metallica – grabbed guitar. At the time His favourite local band from the town of „Komló” was “Hearty Laugh” (1990-1998), whose founding guitarist / songwriter was

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Lovreck - Lélek-Gyilkos
Lovreck - Lélek-Gyilkos


Record label: NAIL Records
Year of publication: 2011
Album price: 10 EUR

Krisztián Lovrek – giutar, vocal
Zoltán Zalán Kárpáti – giutar, vocal
István Farkas – bass
Zoltán Károlyi – drums

1. Akarom 1 EUR
2. Eláslak 1 EUR
3. Mennyit Bírsz? 1 EUR
4. Új Utakon 1 EUR
5. Ugye Érzed?! 1 EUR
6. Tiéd Volt 1 EUR
7. Lélek-Gyilkos 1 EUR
8. Soul Slayer 1 EUR
Lovreck - A Remény Rabszolgája

A Remény Rabszolgája
NAIL Records