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David Yengibarian & Boris Kovac

David Yengibarian & Boris Kovac

...Pannonian melancholy mixed with Armenian tradition, a deep utopia in Mediterranean joy, dwelling on Eastern European emigrants’ experience -journeys that are undertaken rather as a necessity then by free will, which have an uncertain duration and represent an ongoing search (maybe only latently) for what is left behind. The journey throughout ever different motives of music, undertaken by this energetic duo, represents

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David Yengibarian & Boris Kovac - On Eastern Way
David Yengibarian & Boris Kovac - On Eastern Way

On Eastern Way

Record label: NarRator Records
Year of publication: 2012
Album price: 10 EUR

David Yengibarjan
Boris Kovac

1. On Eastern Path 1 EUR
2. When It Will Happen… 1 EUR
3. The Morning 1 EUR
4. Pandoukt 1 EUR
5. Endless 1 EUR
6. Lyrical Monologue 1 EUR
7. The Noon 1 EUR
8. Hunvar 2006 1 EUR
9. My Eastern Hearth 1 EUR
10. Murgham… Doina 1 EUR
11. Tango Memories 2 EUR